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A daughter named Dad; Known in a few months, a father named the daughter after the affair

a girl named after her father

Parents are wondering what to name a newborn baby. If a man has just been born, if a child is born, then this name is always decided before the birth of the child. This is a fashion that has recently been associated with the names of husband and wife. But another man has named his baby boy for a strange, strange reason.

This strange story was shared by a woman from Kentucky, America. Why did her father name her Kristana? Tell me what is the terrible reason behind this. As I discussed earlier on naming my father and mother. If a child is born, the father should name the child. My mother had a C-section delivery. So when I was born, I was isolated because I needed some treatment. The mother did not yet know which child she was born to. But my father had to fill my date of birth in advance. Papa wrote my name as Kristana. Later, he saw the paper and knew nothing about the name. But within a few months, the truth behind Kristanna’s name was understood.

My father had a love affair with a woman named Kristana. Someone in our house once gave me the same woman’s name, so that mom wouldn’t suspect her of calling her boyfriend Kristana. After the young woman once told Tic Tac Video that Boydappy had a clever plan, she made him call Kristanna and say, “If mom asks, I’m talking about her daughter.”

The video has now gone viral. Various comments have also been made. If one said it was too selfish, the other was my father in high school who had a crush on a girl. He wrote me his name.

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A father named his daughter after the affair

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