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Aadesh Bhavoji gave Katrina Kaif Paithani, photo viral – Zee Marathi Awards 2021

Mumbai: Actor and dear brother-in-law Aadesh Bandekar has honored many daughters-in-law through the ‘Home Minister’ program for the last 17 years. People not only from Maharashtra but from different parts of the country have participated in this program.

Devons, who have traveled thousands of kilometers for the program, have honored many of their daughters-in-law by giving them penance. But now in a program, Bandekar Bhavoji has given a gift to actress Katrina Kaif.

Currently, Katrina and Vicky are talking about their relationship, their sugarplum. So now that this traditional saree has been given, there will be a lot of discussion. This special photo was taken just for you.

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