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Aai Kuthe Ke Karatein: ‘Kya karti hai maa kahan kahan karti’ will have a twist; Arundhati and Sanjana will teach Mehta a lesson- Arundhati and Sanjana will teach Mehta a lesson in the serial I Kuthe

Mumbai: The popular small screen series ‘Mother Do What Do What’ has now reached a different stage. Sanjana gave a different turn to Arundhati’s life. She will be seen helping the same Sanjana. Not only Arundhati but the entire Deshmukh family has supported her in the decision taken by Arundhati. So too Sanjana is going to play Arundhati, who stands firmly by her side, beneath Mehta’s ears, who is speaking whitesight.

Sanjana makes a mistake while giving an important presentation of the company. So Mehta asks her to stay at home for two months. Anirudh lost his job, now Sanjana is likely to lose her job. So Sanjana is trying to save her job. So on the day of Ganpati immersion she goes to meet Mehta in the office. At that time Mehta tells him that if you want a job then keep me happy. This is shocking for Sanjana. She returns home in the same shock. Arundhati notices her condition and she digs up Sanjana and asks. Then Sanjana tells all kinds of things to the family members. Then everyone gets angry and decides to teach him a lesson. On that Sanjana tells him that Mehta is known from above, you can’t make him bow down to anything. But Arundhati explains a lot to him and tells him to be with him in the fight against Mehta. After that everyone in the house supports Sanjana.

Then they all plan to teach Mehta a lesson. What exactly is that plan? In the upcoming episodes of the series, where Sanjana and Arundhati teach Mehta a lesson, the audience will get to see. Meanwhile, Abhishek and Anagha are soon going to get married in the series. After that Anagha will enter Deshmukh’s house as a daughter-in-law. From now on, the audience will know whether their marriage will go smoothly or if there will be some difficulties in it.

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