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Aamir Khan Brother: Aamir called home after ‘Mela’ flopped, Faisal Khan’s shocking revelation – Faisal Khan reveals what Aamir Khan did to him after ‘Mela’ flopped

MumbaiBollywood actor Faizal Khan is in discussion about his upcoming film ‘Factory’ on social media these days. In a recent interview, Faisal revealed that Aamir had abused him. After the flop of ‘Mela’, Aamir advised Faisal to leave acting and work in another field. Not only this, Aamir had brought Faizal to the police and they had admitted him to the hospital against Faisal’s wishes.

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Explaining everything in an interview, Faizal said, “When ‘Mela’ flopped, I was roaming around for work. But Amir didn’t help me. Instead, he called me and said, “Faisal, you are not a good actor.” Now ‘dead’ but flop. What to do now you find something else. Why would someone who doesn’t like me help me as an actor? As a brother, I am always patient with Aamir. But he never did. I never thought badly of him. On the contrary, after ‘Mela’ flopped, he brought the police to my house. In whose hands were ropes and sticks.’

Faizal further said, ‘There were some disputes between me and my family, so instead of arguing with them, I stayed apart for a few days. stopped meeting him. Aamir thought that if he does not talk to his family then it will affect his head. He brought the police and the doctor to my house. He would often tell me, Faisal, you are not well. You doubt everyone. If you don’t come to the nursing home with me now, the doctor will take you by injection. I thought they would do some tests on me and leave me but they kept me there for 20 days. It was all illegal.’

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