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Aamir Khan: Do you know how the guards of Sourav Ganguly’s house sent off Aamir Khan without knowing?

Sourav Ganguly and Aamir Khan

Bollywood’s Mr Perfect fame Aamir Khan is famous for promoting his films in different ways. Unlike anonymous people who wear different costumes or imitate celebrities, they promote their images differently and are almost as successful at it. But do you know the story of his failure of this prank? Its video is funny. Read on to know what it is.

In 2009, Aamir Khan was promoting his 3 Idiots. He has gone to the house of cricket’s grandfather Sourav Ganguly. Then the guard, grandfather is not here, go out. The video is currently trending online, with fans pouting that such a big star Aamir Khan is not able to reach Gay Dada’s house.

Ha, here’s a twist. Aamir Khan did not go to Dada’s house in real disguise as you all thought. Instead, he is an anonymous, disguised as a layman. He’s a fan of the guards there, isn’t Grandpa here? They ask if I should take a picture with them. The guards there thought that there must be some other fan, Dada is not here. Damir has come to the conclusion that he should meet Amir Dadar, who is not so well-informed. Although no one agrees with this. Aamir returns from home with his neighbours, asking if Dada is there again. The funny thing is that despite all the drama, no one is aware that Aamir is coming!

Same is the case with prank fella. There is another video that fans can watch. In this, Aamir shares a scene with his wife Kiran Rao at Sourav’s Bengal residence, where Sourav’s pair is partying. Everyone laughs at the story of Aamir Khan’s prank fella. After the banquet, Amir gives Dada a ring as a token of friendship and welcomes the premiere of the film 3 Idiots.

Video of both is available here:

Recently, he shared the news of the separation of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. However, they have decided to raise their son Azad.

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(Aamir Khan was thrown from Sourav Ganguly’s Bengal home by the guards when he was mocked)

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