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Aamir Khan’s brother said, I cannot spend on wife – Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Faisal Khan give their reaction and also talk about their marriage

Mumbai: There is no need to introduce Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood i.e. Aamir Khan. He has made such a place in Hindi cinema with his acting. However, no one knows when Aamir Khan’s younger brother Faizal Khan came and went in Hindi cinema. Faizal was seen opposite Aamir in the film ‘Mela’ released in the year 2000. He was never seen again. Faizal will soon be seen on the big screen. This time she will be in dual role of actor and director.

On the occasion of the film, Faizal Khan has commented on many incidents of his life in an interview. In this interview, she has also commented on her relationship with Aamir Khan. He has also given his views on the breakdown of Aamir and Kiran’s marriage. Similarly, in this interview, Faizal has also commented on his marriage.

relationship with amir

The news of Aamir and Faizal’s relationship not being very good was leaked in the meantime. In 2008, Aamir Khan allegedly kidnapped me and locked me in a cell. Faizal has since been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Not only this, he could not even take care of himself. Regarding his relationship with Aamir, Faizal said, “My mother and Aamir are very fond of my upcoming film. Aamir told me that as a director the film has turned out well. Aamir also said that I sing better than him…’

mother’s dream come true
Faizal Khan further said that along with Aamir, his mother also loves this film. He said, ‘Being a director was my mother’s dream. His dream came true with the film ‘Factory’.

Aamir and Kiran’s divorce


Everyone was shocked when the news of Aamir and Kiran Rao’s divorce came to light. When asked what he thinks about the couple’s divorce, Faiz said, “I can’t give them any advice. Because my own marriage didn’t work out. So I have no idea to talk about someone’s personal life.” Not right. Both of them know what is right…’

Can’t afford to pay for wife.

When Faisal was asked about remarrying, he said, “Getting married is very expensive. I don’t have enough money to get married again. Unfortunately, I have not yet earned enough money to take care of my wife. I don’t have any girlfriend. Because taking care of her is beyond my reach. Taking care of my wife is a very expensive thing for me. If this film becomes a hit then I will definitely start looking for the girl…’

Faisal was seen eating Vadapav standing on the tapri
Meanwhile, a few days ago, a video of Faizal eating Vadapav went viral on social media. At that time many people had trolled Aamir Khan by commenting on the video.

‘Factory’ to release on September 3

After taking a break from Bollywood for several years, Aamir’s brother Faizal Khan will soon be returning from ‘Factory’. Faisal started his acting career with Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Madhosh’. In ‘Pyaar Ka Mausam’, Faisal played the role of Shashi Kapoor’s childhood. Faizal’s film ‘Factory’ will release on September 3. The trailer of the film has been released and Faizal’s role in the trailer has grabbed the attention of many.

Aamir Khan’s younger brother Faisal debuts after a long gap

Relationship with Aamir Khan, Faisal’s opinion on personal life

He is not married as he has not yet earned enough to take care of his wife – Faisali

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