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Accused of bike theft arrested near Bengaluru, Metro stations

The accused is Imran Khan

Bengaluru: Batrayanpura police has arrested Imran Khan, accused of theft and burglary. Notorious thief stealing bike parked near Imran metro stations.

The accused Imran had initially planned to steal the bike parked near the metro and then sketched the homeless when the bike did not work out. The police has arrested the thief. The accused has been arrested for possessing 85 grams of jewelery and 6 bikes worth Rs 6 lakh.

He had stolen a bike near Nayandahalli Metro Station, Batrayanpura, Nandini Layout and Amruthahalli Metro Stations. At the same time, a case of theft has come to light in the house in Kengeri of Kamakshipaliya. A case has been registered at Batarayanpura station.

laptop theft
The incident took place on the first floor of Sona Tower apartment in Veeranpalya, Bengaluru. A thief in a suit and a laptop belonging to a thief Sneha opened the door and took the laptop to the door. This theft scene has been captured in CC’s camera.

The man who ran the entire fourth floor of the Sona Tower apartment in Veeranpalya targeted open houses. The door on the balcony was open and friendly, the friendly mother sleeping in the bedroom. But this time there was no one in the hall. The thief, guaranteed to see it through the window, then breaks in and steals the dining table’s lap top.

The incident took place at Govindpura station on July 7 at around 3.30 pm. Also yesterday (July 10) a robbery took place in Sona’s tower apartment at around 5.30 am.

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