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Actor Javed Haider’s daughter expelled from school for not paying fees

Mumbai: Due to the lockdown caused by Corona virus, lakhs of people lost their jobs. Actors, technicians and salaried people working in cinema, TV and drama were the most affected by the lockdown. In the last one year, the financial condition of many TV actors has deteriorated due to lack of work. Something similar happened in the case of famous TV and film actor Javed Haider. He has no money left to pay his daughter’s school fees.

Talking to ‘Aaj Tak’, Javed Haider said that he has worked in many films and TV series. People know him but due to lack of work in lockdown, he had to face financial crunch. Javed said that he does not even have money to pay the school fees of his daughter. The situation became so bad that the school removed Javed’s daughter, who was studying in class VIII, from the online class. Javed said that he has not been able to pay the fees for the last few months. The monthly fee of a girls school is Rs 2,500.

Javed further said that he has deposited the school fees with great difficulty so that the girl’s studies do not stop. Javed started working in cinema as a child artist. Javed said, ‘I know many great actors of Cineworld. But I never went to anyone’s help. Because I am ashamed to ask for money. Javed has worked in many films like ‘Khudder’, ‘Ram Jaane’, ‘Ghulam’, ‘Dabangg 3’ and ‘Wanted’. Javed also worked in the famous TV show ‘Ginni and Juju’.

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