Actors in club house: ‘More than five liars, this is very annoying, I will definitely let you know if the account is opened’


  • In the last few days, many celebrities have come forward to share screen shots of fake accounts.
  • Actors like Dulquar Salman, Prithviraj, Asif Ali, Tovino Thomas, Unni Mukundan and Joju George have already responded.

Clubhouse, the latest social media sensation, has been the scene of several fake accounts in the name of movie stars. Many young stars including Dulquar, Prithviraj, Asif Ali and Tovino had made it clear that this was not theirs.

Dulquer made it clear on his Facebook page that he did not have an account at the clubhouse. The stars exposed their fakes by sharing screen shots of two accounts created in his name. Actors Nivin Pauly and Suresh Gopi have come forward to point out their fake accounts in the same way.

Nivin points this out by sharing a screen shot of six accounts with different profile photos. ‘Friends, I’m not in the clubhouse. All these accounts in my name are fake. I will let you know if I start a new social media account. ‘ Suresh Gopi had also reacted in a similar manner.

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Suresh Gopi responded on Facebook that it was completely annoying and that he was impersonating and imitating a person on a social platform and realizing that he had not started an account in the clubhouse. Suresh Gopi pointed out the liars by sharing screenshots of the club house chat room where Suresh Gopi is talking in the chat room You Can Be A Millionaire.

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