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Actress, dancer, host… Prajakta Mali is now in a new role; surprise the fans

  • Mumbai Times Team

The actress is constantly doing something different. Be it roles, hosting or interacting with fans. Prajakta is now coming in front of the fans as a poetess. After doing such work, now her poetry collection is coming to the fore. This is the name of his poetry collection. In this, his sensitive side has been expressed through poetry. This collection of poems will be published by senior author, poet, lyricist Praveen Davane. Talking about this new journey, Prajakta says, “I was writing poems for myself, not to be published or posted on social media. I never even dreamed that my collection of poems would come. Coincidentally, all this is happening simultaneously. So, like you, it is a pleasant shock and therefore a special pleasure. The poems in this collection are in Marathi, Hindi and English and are very simple and easy to use. not too complicated; So we hope the audience will feel, feel and like you. The audience still loves my acting and dancing. He also gave me feedback from time to time. I hope Rasik will respond spontaneously to this collection of poems as well. The fans of Prajakta are eager to know this new aspect of him.

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