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Actresses reached to see Goddess Kajal, Sumona Chakraborty’s photo went viral

MumbaiSharad Navratri has started and now seven days have passed. Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. Where there is a whiff of poverty, there is Homahavan. The goddess is worshiped with great devotion all over the country. In some places, the idols of the goddess are installed in a circle. Navratri is also celebrated with great pomp in the field of entertainment. As usual, many Bollywood actresses are also seen attending these circles.

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Many actresses come to see the goddess during Navratri. Also some actresses are seen playing Garba. Actress Kajal also attends Devi Darshan every year. In the same year, Kajal made an appearance at Sarbogenin Puja Mandal in Mumbai. Like Kajol, Sumona Chakraborty also came to see the goddess. Kajol wore a special pink color sari on this occasion while Sumona was also seen wearing a blue sari. His pictures are becoming very viral on social media.

Kajal has also shared many of her pictures with fans. Fans are raining likes on these photos of Kajal. Kajal also met her uncle in the court of Devi. The pictures of Kajal crying after seeing her uncle went viral among the fans. Kajal was worried about her mother’s health so seeing her uncle, she started crying. Along with Kajol, actress Rani Mukerji also pays tribute to the goddess every year. At the same time, artists like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Hema Malini, Sushmita Sen, Madhur Bhandarkar have also wished the fans a Happy Navratri.

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