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Afghanistan warns Pakistan to stop Taliban from moving forward, Taliban’s support against Afghanistan warns Pakistan

It is called in North Karnataka. To say completely shameless (mangadi, basaram) is like saying so. This proverb applies very well to Pakistan. It has never been possible to build a good relationship with us. Coming from a sports background, Imran Khan was considered to be an improvement in the situation after becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Uhm, that was fake too. The world knows why India condemns and criticizes Pakistan. Other countries have also condemned Pakistan’s proposal for terrorism.

The point of sojigi is that even Muslim countries have started hating Pakistan and have started warning them to become an eagle. On Sunday, Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Saleh said that Pakistan is supplying weapons to the Taliban, who are at war with their country, and also providing them financial aid.

The US and NATO are supporting Afghanistan, but how do the Taliban get the weapons that these countries provide them? Our neighboring country should stop such heinous acts immediately. Saleh said he had no hesitation in calling the spider a spider.

He said that Pakistan should give up the attitude that God Jihad is its own at the earliest.

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