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After reading my mother’s book, I understood that story about me… Masaba revealed

MumbaiBollywood actress Neena Gupta’s autobiographical book ‘Sach Kahu To’ was very much discussed on social media. Whatever happened in her life, Neena has written in that book. Nina’s daughter Masaba Hila also learned something from her mother’s book that Nina had never mentioned before. The special thing is that these things were related to Masaba. Recently, Masaba organized a question-and-answer session with the fans. In this session, the fans also asked Masaba questions related to his mother’s book. But everyone was surprised by Masaba’s answer.

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In the session organized by Masaba, the user asked, ‘What is there in Neena’s book that is in the book but you did not know about it?’ Responding to the user’s question, Masaba wrote, ‘I did not know that my mother did not have money at the time of my birth. I am a c-section girl. It is heart-wrenching. Sharing a few lines from Neena’s book, Masaba wrote, ‘When I was born, my mother had only two thousand rupees in the bank. At that time, the cost of a C-section to deliver the baby was around Rs 12,000.

Inspired by Neena, Masaba wrote, ‘I read my mother’s book and learned a lot from her. I work very hard every day of my life. The reason is my mother. He brought me into this world through many adversities. That’s why I want to make her very happy.’ Nina writes about the events of Masaba’s birth in her book. Masaba is the daughter of West Indies cricketer Viv Richards. Actor Satish Kaushik also proposed marriage to Neena while she was pregnant.

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