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After watching ‘Me Vasantrao’, Nana Patekar said, ‘I was sure that you would do well in music; but … ‘

Rahul Deshpande says, “The more we explore ourselves as a singer, the richer we become.” Even though the program is closed for the last one and a half years, but the relationship with the song has not broken. Work continued through YouTube. I have not turned my back on classical music. During this time I grew up as a person. People think that classical singer should sing the same song. We have made such cups,’ he says.

Joy, Wait and OTT
The film ‘Me Vasantrao’ was selected for the ‘Cannes’ festival. Regarding this, Rahul says, ‘It is an indescribable joy. Grandpa, his singing is an intimate topic. This work of art is a tribute to his life’s work. This is the first and best effort. Nothing happened last year; But I am very happy to hear that the film is going for ‘Cannes’ from the state government. Hurup came. Coming to the show, if theaters start at full capacity, I would love to show it tomorrow as well. This artwork is ready for cinema. Regarding not having a screen on OTT, he said, ‘Producers also have some maths. Fortunately, sponsors, presenters and producers also want it to be shown in theaters. Bhaikaka (PL Deshpande) used to say, ‘Big men don’t go, they are always in music.’ I think it’s acknowledgment. The film was also seen by Nana Patekar. ‘I was sure you would do well in music; But you are good at it too.

Grandpa’s Getup and Me
Asked if he wants to play the role of a grandfather on the big screen, he said, “Initially, I had asked director Nipun Dharmadhikari if I should make this film. With Nipun, I did ‘Sangeet Manpaman’, ‘ ‘Sangeet Sanshaykol’ and ‘Sangeet Saubhadra’. When work on the film started, I had clearly asked Nipun about the role I would take. I told him, ‘If I can’t do it, tell me.’ I am glad to hear him say that you should do the role. When Ravi Jadhav asked me for the role of Keshavrao Bhosle in ‘Bal Gandharva’, I asked him the same question. As a singer, we know that We can do something good. However, this field is completely new. Drama and film are different mediums. It was up to me to put in the honest effort, and I did. The more times I’ve seen this movie, the more I’ve seen it till now. Saw Grandpa on the screen.

Music & Direction
Regarding the music and direction of the film, Rahul said, “I have heard my grandfather’s song so much that I have remembered 99% of the recordings. When I started singing, Bhakaka said, ‘Now there is neither Vasant nor Kumar, so consider the cassette as your guru, listen to his song, it will keep you waiting. I listened intently. The father had traveled to various places and collected a lot of recordings. It is difficult to fully understand grandparents; So, I guessed how they would sing and present something, and I sang at such a meeting, ‘Most likely they will do it’. During the filming in Nagpur, we composed a song there in a day. The master did not like his move. I did one more move while doing my makeup, she liked it. He made seven moves for a Ghazal, one of which he liked. The work of the Guru is very calm and restrained. Once or twice in the 62 days of filming he said he did well. All I can say is that this film can do well.

not suppression; search
Asked if he wants to carry on his singing legacy as Vasantrao’s grandson and an independent singer, Rahul says, “Initially, I was like Kumarji AK Kumarji. My brother came home to listen to my songs. I used to learn from Pimplekhare Buwan and later started singing songs of Kumarji. Once the mother said to the brothers, ‘I am glad that Kumarji sings all this; but Vasantrao has a grandson, he too has a village. ‘ Bhaikaka had said, ‘Let his voice explode, he will automatically fall towards the spring.’ It showed how far-sighted she was. As I grew older, my voice became much closer to that of my grandfather, and he began to tremble. His singing began to drink a little. One of them was the presence of a great presenter. His singing I know how big every subject like Bhavgeet, Thumri, Natyageet, Ghazal, Lavani can be. He had studied literature a lot. So Pul and he were friends. Many people tell stories of being their driver. So grandfather- When did grandma do all this seems a matter of research. I decided that what I really needed to do was figure out how to do it right, focusing on singing, acting and drama. I am following Dada’s philosophy.

Reality Shows and Struggle
About reality shows, a platform for newcomers, Rahul says, “My question is why are there no reality shows on classical music. An attempt was made earlier; But it did not work out. When you look at all this as entertainment, you have to think about TRP and so on. As a tester, I used to talk very easily. Then I was told that there are many churches that watch a singer’s performance. If Rahul Deshpande said no to him, then it can be understood that he is not getting anything. Say the negative in a positive way. I agree with this; But as a singer, I do not like the ‘stories’ being made in this program. One’s status is not the criterion of his singing. No image of a good singer or singer should be created only when there is no great struggle or situation in life. There is also a struggle in the song. This struggle starts from where Riyaz starts. There are very few kids who do this. I don’t want to be a singing teacher after taking classes. I want to teach them. Many parents used to come to me. Teach boys and girls to go to a certain show, if you suggest a name, there will be an opportunity. I don’t think so. It is not like teaching today and singing tomorrow. Many people get jobs because of reality shows. This platform gave talented people like Avadhoot, Bela, Swapnil, Shreya. He made this platform gold. This can happen if you use it properly.

So we stopped…
When asked what he is going to do next, Rahul says, “Right now I am waiting for the release of the film. Something will come in between. I stopped doing music. As a singer, I can’t forget. I did four and a half hundred musical experiments. Its purpose was to inform today’s generation about it. Drama songs are not sung in concerts; Because behind this there are events, events. When the films ‘Katyaar…’ and ‘Balgandharva’ came out, the new generation came to know about it. Then I stopped acting. I would like to do a new music. There is craze for singing and acting, there is craze for theater.

It is always better to be presentable; But in order to be presentable, it is not appropriate to dilute the essence or value of the song or distract from the singing. If we think more about how it will look on screen, the song remains aside. If you are doing music videos then acting there is fine. When you sing as a singer, you have to be in that song from the inside out.

-Rahul Deshpande

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