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Akshay Deodhar and Hardik Joshi: Will be discussed! Akshay Deodhar’s comment on Hardik Joshi’s pictures caught fans’ attention – Akshay Deodhar’s comment on Hardik Joshi’s pictures caught fans’ attention

Mumbai: Actress Akshay Deodhar and actor Hardik Joshi have fallen in love with the audiences for the series “Tujyat Jeev Rangala”. Even after saying goodbye to the series, both are always in the discussion. Akshay’s stylish photos are constantly being discussed on social media. Now once again both are being discussed on social media. The reasons for this discussion are equally special.

Akshay and Hardik recently shared some funny pictures on their social media accounts. Her stylish look can also be seen in these photos. Fans are very fond of the chemistry between the two in the photos. But the discussion is on Akshay’s comments on Hardik’s photo and video.

Akshay has commented on Hardik’s pictures by saying heart emoji (❤️). So the discussion has come in full swing. Hardik had also made a special post wishing Akshay a birthday. That’s why this special friendship of both has once again become a matter of discussion.

What to do when the series ends; When asked, Akshay had said, ‘I am taking rest right now. It’s been a while since the series ended. This was going on for the last four years. I now exercise regularly. Jopaste’s new hobbies. Trying social media. Did some photoshoots. When we prepare for new roles we need to be strong in body and mind. She is getting ready.

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