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Amala Paul: Big reward for Audrey ‘Hebuli’ actress Amala Paul for her kissing scene with Nagarjuna? Did actress Amala Paul ask for a high salary Nagarjuna ghost movie?

When an actress walks out of a film, that chance is gone by another actress. Due to this, actress Kajal was out of the ‘Ghost’ cinema. His place has been sought from Amala Paul. Kajal was busy shooting for the film ‘Ghost’ for a week. It was heard that Alvida had told the team of Kajal Cinema that she was pregnant. However, the ball has now gone to Amla’s field.

Did you ask for a hefty salary to kiss?

Did Amala Paul accept cinema? It is a question of cinema or not, they are conditioned to accept it. Nagarjuna is the hero of this film. Some shooting has already been done. Director Praveen Satru will romance in theatres. There are few liplock scenes in the song which Amala should be seen. So Amala has asked for a huge reward for doing this adventure.

Photos: Amala Paul Sakht mingles with the ‘Hebuli’ actress in new photoshoot!

romance with nagarjuna
It is a bit difficult for Nagarjuna to appear in such a scene with young actresses, but Amala is said to have insisted that acting in the scene is a huge reward. Amla did not comment on this.

web series with pawan kumar

It has to be seen what decision Amala Paul takes for bold characters, controversies and personal life. Kannada film ‘Lucia’ director Pawan Kumar is directing the web series in Telugu, portrayed by Amala Paul. It is a sci-fi thriller story web content in eight parts. Rahul Vijay is playing the lead role. The filming has already started in Hyderabad. Significantly, Pawan Kumar is also playing an important role. Amala is seen playing the role of a cop in this film.

‘Lucia’ director Pawan Kumar collaborates with famous actress Amala Paul

The web series is currently being developed in Telugu and may be dubbed in other languages. Pawan is playing a different role and the character details are sneaky. Pawan did not even tell what his role was.

Amala Paul narrowly survived in brother’s marriage

Amala Paul’s brother got married recently and Amala had a bachelor party. He has shared pictures of his brother’s wedding on social media. After starring in the cinema ‘Hebuli’ with actor Kichha Sudeep, she has not accepted any Kannada cinema. She is active on social media and is often attracted by bold photos.

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