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Ananya Pandey: 22 years old Ananya Pandey has property worth crores, 4 years is just a film career – Ananya Pandey’s wealth and her film career

Mumbai: Actress Ananya Pandey has been named in Aryan Khan drugs case. Therefore, the Narcotics Control Bureau had summoned Ananya Pandey for questioning. He was interrogated for about two hours. Ananya Panday and Aryan Khan are very good friends. When NCB checked Aryan’s WhatsApp chat, they found some objectionable chats with Ananya.

Ananya and Aryan are childhood friends. The two were often seen together at parties. When Aryan’s chat was checked, Ananya’s name was found in it. After this NCB raided Ananya’s house and her phone was confiscated. During the hearing of Aryan’s bail application, the NCB had produced him in the court as evidence of conversation with the budding actress. In such a situation, it is being speculated that this new actress is Ananya.

Ananya Pandey, just 22 years old, has been working in the field of acting for the last four years. Ananya is the daughter of actor Chunky Pandey. Ananya has been separated from her parents ever since she started working. He has also bought a separate house for himself. According to sources, Ananya’s annual income is Rs 72 crore and she earns Rs 2 crore from working in a film. Also, there are more than 20 million followers on Ananya’s Instagram handle. That’s why she also advertises many products with her hand. It also earns him a good amount of income. At present, the needle of NCB’s suspicion is on Ananya Pandey. Therefore, he has been called for questioning for two consecutive days.

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