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Ankita got trolled by sharing a photo while kissing her boyfriend; Users said… Ankita Lokhande shared photo with boyfriend Vicky Jain, users trolled on social media

Mumbai: Actress Ankita Lokhande is in discussion on social media for many reasons. Ankita recently shared a photo from her Instagram account. In this photo, Ankita is seen kissing her boyfriend Vicky Jain. Vicky and Ankita are looking very good in this photo. In this photo, Ankita is wearing a pink sari while Vicky is wearing kurta pyjama. The two look like the perfect couple in Indian outfits.

Post written by Ankita
Ankita shared this photo with Vicky Jain on her Instagram. Sharing this photo, Ankita wrote, ‘Don’t take the love story God has written for you as a joke. You can’t even ask God to do something like this for you and you never even imagined it…’ Ankita, while sharing this photo, has titled it ‘Khari Khuri Katha’.

Users trolled Ankita
After reading the post written by Ankita Lokhande sharing this photo, users have trolled her asking a lot of questions. Commenting on this photo of her, a user wrote, ‘If this is your true story, was your story with Sushant Singh Rajput false?’, Another user wrote that ‘The real love story was between you and Sushant …’ the user wrote, ‘I do not like these two at all. Sushant was my favorite and will always be my favourite…’ Ankita is wearing a pink sari in this photo and she is looking very beautiful. Ankita has a bun and she is wearing attractive earrings. Ankita and Vicky are seen as the perfect couple in this photo. That’s why the discussion of getting married on social media has started.

Is Ankita married?

After seeing these photos of Ankita, the discussion of their marriage has started on social media. A user asked him in the comment, ‘Are you married now?’ So another user wrote, ‘Are you married?’ Many users also liked Ankita’s post. Users are liking and commenting on this pair.

Relationship with Vicky after breakup with Sushant

Ankita and Sushant were in a relationship for many years. But after the breakup, Ankita was very tired. Then Vicky Jain came in his life. Vicky helped him out of depression. In such a situation, speculations are being made that this couple will get married soon.

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