Anoop Menon facebook: ‘Facebook page returned; Anoop Menon’s hacked facebook page restored after 48 hours


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Two days ago, actor and screenwriter Anoop Menon announced that his Facebook page had been hacked. He said that the hackers had removed all the four admins from the page and that the hackers were uploading funny videos and stuff through his page which has 1.5 million friends. The actor has now announced that his Facebook page has been returned.

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‘I got my Facebook back. Thanks to ADGP Manoj Abraham, Shefeen Ahmed IG Odisha, Facebook officials, cyber dome experts Sudheesh and Anand. All the posts on the page for the last six months have been deleted by hackers.

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It has lost over four lakh followers. The number of friends has dropped from 15 lakhs to 11 lakhs now. Security has now been beefed up as suggested by cyber domain and Facebook experts. As hacking is now widespread in many places, everyone is requested to perform two rounds of security procedures on their phones. I will be coming live soon to convince you that I am using the page now and not hackers. Thanks for enduring the funny posts that the hackers were uploading, lots of love. Anoop Menon has written on Facebook that he will see you again.

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Anoop Menon’s Facebook page has been hacked

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