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Another video of Ram Gopal Varma and Inaya Sultan went viral – Ram Gopal Varma and Inaya Sultana’s second video went viral

Mumbai: A few days ago, a video of famous Hindi film director Ram Gopal Varma dancing with Inaaya Sultan while drunkenly went viral on social media. Both were trolled a lot about the video. Inaaya has shared another video from her Twitter handle after the incident.

Inaaya Sultan has shared a video with Ram Gopal Varma from her Twitter handle. This video shows the dance sequence of the previous video and one more thing. Sharing this video, Inaya Sultan wrote, ‘I myself am officially sharing this video of Ram Gopal Varma…’

An old dance video of Ram Gopal Varma and Inaya Sultan has gone viral on social media. In that video, Ram Gopal Varma is seen dancing with Inaaya while intoxicated. Since then, users have started trolling both of them.

Revealing the video that went viral on social media, Ram Gopal Varma said, “I am not the person who is seen in this video.” He has shared this video on his Twitter handle. Sharing this video, he wrote, ‘I once again make it clear that I am not the person seen in this video. US President Joe Biden takes oath!!’

After that Ram Gopal Varma posted a selfie with Inaaya Sultana on his Twitter handle and wrote, ‘With dancing partner Beautiful Inaaya Sultana in viral video…’

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