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Arara… Praveen Tarde gave public support to MNS, said 100 percent will come to dance

Mumbai: For the past year and a half, the Corona crisis and its aftermath have seen various lockdowns and subsequent restrictions on daily life. Corona has also imposed strict restrictions on public events and celebrations for the last one and a half years. But this year Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has announced to celebrate Dahihandi festival in any way publicly. This role of MNS is indicating political upheaval in the month of Shravan. At the same time, writer-director and actor Praveen Tarde has welcomed the role of MNS.

The citizens of the country have been battling Corona for the last one and a half years. Last year almost all the festivals were canceled due to this corona, while some festivals had to be celebrated in the presence of few people and maintaining social distance. Now the vaccination of corona has started in the entire state. Many people have taken the corona vaccine, so now MNS has decided to celebrate the upcoming Dahihandi on a large scale and on a large scale.

MNS leader Abhijit Panse has shared a post on his Facebook that he will celebrate the world record Dahihandi on August 31. In this post, Panse has also named MNS Thane District President Avinash Jadhav. Simultaneously, Abhijit Panse has appealed, “Come together and take both doses of Corona vaccine to your Marathi festival and participate in Dahihandi festival.” He also said that this Dahihandi by MNS following all the rules of Karona will be celebrated.

MNS supporters have started reacting and commenting on Abhijit Panse’s Facebook post. Actor and director Praveen Tarde has also publicly supported the Dahihandi initiative of MNS. Praveen Tarde also commented on this post that he will be able to dance 100%.

With social distancing and all other restrictions during the Corona period and, most importantly, the threat of a third wave, there is still confusion whether Dahihandi or Ganeshotsav will be allowed or exempted from the state government this year. Even before the state government announces any policy in this regard, MNS has announced that this world record Dahihandi will be celebrated. Hence the role played by MNS for Dahihandi festival is currently being discussed everywhere. It will be important to see what role the state government and police play in this role of MNS.

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