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Arundhati-Anirudh will finally separate, curious about the next story

MumbaiThe series ‘Main Kuthe Kya Karate’, which created a tremendous buzz in a very short time and made its place in the minds of the audience, has once again dominated the TRPs. The series has managed to win over the hearts of the audience with its various twists, captivating storyline, excellent dialogues and excellent acting by the actors. But, as per the promo shown by the channel, Arundhati and Anirudh will finally get a divorce. Although the audience is sad to see it. What will happen next? This curiosity is also seen in the audience.

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As shown on the channel, the court has finally approved the divorce of Arundhati and Anirudh. Arundhati then takes out her mangalsutra, puts it on Anirudh’s hand and leaves. The audience reacted angrily. The audience expected that this would not happen to Arundhati, that something would change their decision. But without it Arundhati and Anirudh are going to separate. Now the audience is curious about what will be shown in the next series.

According to the story of the series, Arundhati is going to leave after the divorce. After that viewers are wondering whether Anirudh will marry Sanjana and Sanjana will stay with Anirudh in his house. On the other hand, Yash and Gauri had a sugar crash, but will there be any hindrance in their marriage? Will Abhi and Anagha’s relationship be resolved at the same time? Forgetting what has happened, will Andha Abhishek be ready for marriage? Who will take care of the whole house after Arundhati is gone? Many such questions have come to the mind of the audience. Everyone is curious about the story behind Arundhati and Anirudh’s divorce.

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