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Aryan Khan Drug Case: Aryan Khan’s Message ‘Let’s Have A Blast’ Before Going On Cruise – Aryan Khan Drug Case WhatsApp message to Arbaaz Merchant

Mumbai: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan and his other associates for possession of drugs. All of them are currently in judicial custody. Meanwhile, Aryan’s bail application was heard on Thursday and his decision has been reserved till October 20. During the hearing, NCB strongly opposed the grant of bail to Aryan. Arguing this time, NCB’s lawyers referred to a message sent to Arbaaz from Aryan’s mobile.

NCB’s counsel Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh argued strongly against granting bail to Aryan Khan. He said that when Arbaaz was arrested, six grams of hashish was recovered from his possession. It was to be used by Arbaaz and Aryan. Confirming the claim, NCB’s lawyer Singh referred to the WhatsApp conversation between Aryan and Arbaaz. In the conversation, Aryan mentioned that he had sent a message to Arbaaz saying, “Let’s have fun today”.

conversations with foreigners

NCB’s lawyers gave another argument this time. He said that Aryan was in constant contact with some foreigners. was talking to him. Two foreign nationals have also been arrested in the case.

Bulk Quantity Mention

In his third argument that Aryan Khan should not be granted bail, Anil Singh said that ‘bulk quantity’ is mentioned in the WhatsApp chat. NCB has speculated that it may not be used for personal use, but Aryan along with some others are involved in the transaction.

What did Aryan’s lawyer say?

Aryan’s lawyer Amit Desai said that the mention of WhatsApp chat is important in the matter. He further said that these are the children of today. The language and style of their conversation is different from proper English. This is not clear English. The English language used by these kids is annoying. But this is normal for them. Because they communicate in the same way in their daily lives.

It is legal in other countries

Desai further said, ‘Aryan has been living abroad for some time now. So it is important to consider whether they would have interacted at that time. We should also note that these things are legal in other countries. So this conversation with WhatsApp can be misinterpreted. Private things are spoken in WhatsApp chat. But there was no talk about the rave party.

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