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Aryan Ran: Pop Star Aryna Saeed Runs From Afghanistan

Mumbai: Afghanistan’s leading female pop star Aryna Saeed has been forced to leave the country. The Taliban have captured several provinces of Afghanistan, including Kabul. The rise to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan has put the lives of the film industry, producers, actors and those associated with the entertainment industry at risk. Many are preparing to leave the country.

Aryan Sai told on social media that she left Kabul on Thursday. Aryan has more than 1 million followers on social media. In a message to them, she said, “Luckily, I am alive and well. After such an unforgettable night and such a terrifying experience, I have come to Doha, Qatar. Now waiting for the flight to Istanbul…’

took refuge in a US plane

According to the New York Post, women and girls are fighting in Afghanistan to escape from the Taliban’s hardline terrorists. At the same time, 36-year-old Arya Saeed left the country in an American cargo plane. Aryan recently worked as an examiner for a reality show of songs to be aired on Afghan television.

popstar goes to turkey
Aryan considers herself lucky that she was able to get out of the country safely. Everyone is trying to get out of Afghanistan. Struggling to board the plane. She is now going to Doha via Doha. Her husband Haseeb Saeed is also a musician in Afghanistan.

Aryan broke the rules of Taliban
Aryan was living in Afghanistan. But he never wore a hijab. She was singing despite being a woman, performing in the stadium. This is against all the rules of the Taliban. That’s why she was on the hit list of Taliban.

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