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Asha Bhosle RD Burman Marriage: ‘If You Want To Marry Her, Get Out Of My World’, Opposes RD Burman’s Mother

Mumbai: Renowned musician R.D. Burman and famous singer Asha Bhosle have carved a niche for themselves in Hindi cinema. The songs of these two are equally popular even today. Their love story is as famous as their songs. Of course, their love was strongly opposed by the society at that time. Even RD’s family did not approve of their relationship. Despite such an adverse situation, RD and Asha Bhosle did not leave each other’s side.

Because of this there was opposition to the marriage of RD and Asha

Asha Bhosle and R.D. Burman worked together in Hindi cinema. The songs sung by both of them were super hit. The pair was quite popular in the music industry. The journey that started in the world of music also started in their personal life together. Both came close to each other and decided to get married. Of course, their marriage was opposed not only by the society but also by the members of their family. Asha Bhosle had separated from her first husband and had three children. Not only this, she was also older than RD. For these reasons the marriage of both was opposed.

RD’s mother protest

The real RD Burman himself was a divorcee. RD Burman expressed his desire to marry Asha Tai at home. He also sought permission for this, but his mother strongly opposed it. Not only this, he told RD, ‘This marriage cannot happen as long as I am alive. If you want to get married, bring Asha Bhosle home from my land. RD was shocked to hear the harsh words of his mother and left from there. RD Burman and Asha Bhosle later married in 1984.

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