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‘Audiences turn to series again so as not to forget me’, Prarthana Behera returns to small screen

MumbaiActress Prarthana Behera, who won the hearts of the audience with her acting in many films and series, is once again appearing in front of the audience. Prarthana has carved a special place in the mind of the audience with her acting and beauty. Dua is also in touch with the fans through social media. But, for the last two years, Prarthana is far away from the big screen. So once again Prarthana says that it is a pleasure to meet the audience on the small screen. Prarthana will soon be seen in the lead role in the series ‘Majhi Tujhe Reshmigath’ on Zee Marathi.

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Corona has been away from the big screen for the last two years after giving hits like ‘Mitwa’, ‘Koffee’ etc. Praying to debut in the series again, he says, “Over the years, I have received a lot of offers for the series. But, then I decided to do a film. I was deliberately rejecting the series. But, for almost two years none of my films have been released. Fans often ask me the same question, Prarthana ma’am, when will your next film come. I didn’t have an answer. Fans used to ask me where I am missing.

Prarthana further said, ‘I know one thing from this, the fans are desperate to see you. But, when you are out of the sight of everyone, you are also out of the heads of others. No one cares much about what you do. So here you have to make the other person aware of your presence. I decided to do the series so that the audience doesn’t forget me. I have been doing series for many years so I have asked directors to treat me like a newcomer as I have a lot to learn. The series stars popular actor Shreyas Talpade in the lead role along with Prarthana. Shreyas will also return to the small screen after almost 17 years from the series. After watching the promo of the series, the audience is also eagerly waiting for the series.

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