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Ava Yavano DK Pakela everyone says Nannal Modokke did this work: DK Shivakumar Hot

DK Shivakumar fan of apple necklace

Bagalkot: DK.. DK.. KPCC President DK Shivakumar is the man to go against the fans who shout ava yavano dk pake and say it all. DK Shivakumar scolded the fans that you are doing this. Show goodbye Now neither victorious nor defeated, Dikeshi has asked for his hand. The incident took place in Banhatti town of the district.

DK Shivakumar’s fans at Yallati Cross in Rabakavi Banhatti taluk of the district have welcomed Bharjari in the apple necklace. A quintal of apples was greeted by cranes in orchards by his supporters put in a pumpkin. Fireworks CDC celebrates with DK being declared DK.

Dkeshi G. Condoled the death of Madhagowda

I am former MP. I have been watching Madha Gowda since his student days. I have been in political contact with him for 45 years. Farmer leader G. Shivakumar, who condoled the death of Madhagowda, said that after the news of his demise, he had to cancel the program and go on his last journey by helicopter. But the pilot said that the helicopter ride was unsuitable due to cloudy weather.

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(DK Shivakumar furious at fans in Bagalkot)

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