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Bakrid 2021: Buy Bakrid festival; Star and moon identity on Hana slapping goats

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VIJAYPUR: Goat and sheep rackets are on sale for Bakrid festival celebrated on 21st July. The process of sale is going on in the animal market of APMC in Vijayapur city. Star and Moon identification goats are in high demand from consumers. One and a half lakh such sheep, goats and rams are sold. In such a situation, there is a lot of enthusiasm in the market for the owners of such sheep.

Sellers and buyers from different districts and Maharashtra are coming to Vijaypur market to buy sheep and goats for Bakrid 2021. Thousands have gathered all over the market, and the corona lockdown has not been followed. The process of sale and purchase is being carried out without masks and without social gap. However, there are rumors in the public domain that APMC officials are not taking any action.

Bakrid 2021: Mass prayers in mosques on Bakrid; Government issued revised order
The state government has ordered that only 50 percent of the capacity to offer mass prayers in mosques will be allowed on Bakrid. Previously, only 50 people were modified to accommodate 50 mosques based on the capacity of the mosques. The law has been amended to allow prayers of more than 50 people.

The state government has ordered to organize mass prayers at Idgah tomorrow (July 16) on July 21 as the festival of Bakrid is being celebrated. But there was a provision to offer mass prayers in mosques with conditions. This is in view of the apprehension that Kovid infection is increasing in the state, which has now reduced. The official announcement of the celebration of Bakrid festival has been made on July 21, with only 50 people offering mass prayers in mosques. But the state government has amended the ordinance to allow up to 50 percent of the capacity to offer prayers in mosques.

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