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Batting from CM Yediyurappa; Various religious leaders warn against coming to Yeddyurappa’s house CM Udupi Pejavar Sri as Yeddyurappa and various muthadis fight with fos GGD

Swamiji of Pagera Vishwa Prasanna

Bengaluru: Many priests of the state are batting in favor of Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa. Teertha Swamiji of Visvaprasan of Pejavar Math in Udupi said, “The chief minister should not change this situation (Karnataka politics). The situation is not conducive for CM change in the state. The change of leadership is now inappropriate. Yeddyurappa is a very good leader this time.” “Kovid has handled the situation very well.”

Among the various districts supporting CM Yediyurappa pontiff CM has responded to the media by meeting Yediyurappa. Commenting on his visit to CM Yeddyurappa, Dingleeshwara Swamiji said, “CM Yediyurappa has nothing in his hands. BJP will perish once Yeddyurappa is replaced. BJP leaders if Yeddyurappa takes his place at any cost.” has to face a bad situation. We all are speaking together. Dingleswar Swamiji warned the BJP high command to continue Yeddyurappa for the rest of the term. Yeddyurappa is not just a Lingayat leader. He is a leading leader. 2- Over 500 pontiffs attend in 3 days He warned that the pontiffs would meet in Bangalore.

Shri Shaila Jagadguru seat is in CM Yediyurappa’s back. It doesn’t have two words. Apparently Shri Shaila Jagadguru Peeth is with him. Yeddyurappa should continue as CM for the time being. The BJP high command should treat BS Yi Vivaran with respect. State’s Jana Yediyurappa has admitted to being one of his birth parents. The answer is that elections were held after he became CM. There is a debate about changing the CM. The audio of the BJP president has also been released. He said it was not his. So there is some activity behind the scenes. This will be discussed in consultation with other principals later in the day. On behalf of Yediyurappa, everyone including the Panchapati of Veerashaiva Mahasabha. It doesn’t have two words. Also, we are going to Bangalore tomorrow. Dr. Channasiddharama Shivacharya Swamiji of Srisaila Jagadguru Peeth at Davangere remarked that Yediyurappa would be met if necessary.

Yeddyurappan will remain the CM for the next two years. In Andhra Pradesh, not BJP, BSY has benefited people of all castes including Math, Church and Masjid. Hiramath Shivasantha Veera Shivacharyashri in Channagiri town of Davangere district replied that Veerashaiva society was not allowed to bring them down.

Yediyurappa should continue as chief minister for two more years. More than 3000 monasteries will save them in the event of change. Yeddyurappa should remain the chief minister for the development of Karnataka. Belavi Math CM Mahantalingeshwara Swamy has warned that if the CM changes, BJP will not have time in future.

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(Yeddyurappa bats Udupi Pejavar Sri and various Muthadis as Chief Minister)

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