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be ashamed of! Honey Singh’s father did something like this with his drunken son…

Mumbai: Bollywood’s famous rap singer Honey Singh is in discussion for the last few days. His wife Shalini Singh has made many serious allegations against him including domestic violence, sexual abuse and mental abuse. Not only this, it has been going on for the last ten years. Unable to bear all this, Shalini has filed a petition against Honey Singh in Delhi Thirty Thousand Court under ‘Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act’.

Shalini has accused Honey Singh of not only domestic violence but also of financial fraud by the husband and his family. She has now narrated many incidents that happened in the ten years of her marriage. He also made many shocking revelations about Honey Singh’s family. She has said that Honey Singh’s father has tarnished the relationship.

When Shalini was changing clothes, Honey Singh’s father entered the room drunk. He did not stop here, but started stroking Shalini’s chest, he said.

What exactly is the matter?
Honey Singh’s wife Shalini has filed a petition against him in the Delhi Thirty Thousand Court. Shalini also said in the petition that he had sexual relations with other women. So they kept their marriage a secret for a few years. After three years of marriage, he introduced himself as his wife. When he asked her to accompany him on tour, he beat her too.

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