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Behind ‘Godman’ in TRP Competition; ‘Yes’ series won

Mumbai: New funds are raised to promote the series or create curiosity about the series. Some scenes in the series have been exaggerated to survive the TRP competition. As the shooting went smoothly after the lockdown, various experiments were seen in the series.

The twists left in the series, the entry of new characters create curiosity about the series in the audience. The Marathi series is currently succeeding in keeping the audience hooked. In such a situation, the audience was curious that which series will be on top in the TRP match this week. The TRP of a series is determined by its popularity and every week the TRP shows which series dominates.

Devmanas series has been on top in the TRP race for the last few weeks, but now Devmanas series is lagging behind. After saying goodbye to the series, it seems that it has a direct impact on TRP. Especially the series ‘Phula Sugandha Maticha’ has topped the TRP contest. The second series is ‘Where does the mother do?’

At number three is ‘Mulgi Jhali Ho’ and ‘What is really happiness’ series? The series is in fourth place. Rang Madha Velag is fifth in this series.

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