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Big Boss Oat: Big Boss Oat: Grand finale will be held on this day, the winner will get a lot of prizes

Mumbai:Bigg Boss OTT program is now in its final stage. The grand finale of the show, hosted by Karan Johar, will take place on September 18. Karan Johar also unveiled the trophy to be given to the winner of Bigg Boss OTT in the ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ episode of the event. Seeing this trophy, the contestants were also happy. The grand finale is now just six days away. Then Bigg Boss will understand who will be the winner of OTT.

Bigg Boss OTT program has started from 8th August. The program initially had a pair of contestants. For a few weeks, the contestants had to continue playing in pairs. But before the finale, Bigg Boss changed the rules of the entire game. The pair broke up in this game and now everyone is playing alone. Moose Jattana left the house a week before the finale. Now the goal of all the contestants of the house is to get the trophy.

The finale will feature four of the best contestants and will air this time

Now six contestants have reached the grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT. According to sources, only the best four contestants will be included in this program. Shamita Shetty, Rakesh Bapet, Nishant Bhatt, Prateek Sahajpal, Divya Aggarwal and Neha Bhasin are present in the house. Now it will be interesting to see which of these two contestants goes out of the house. The grand finale of Bigg Boss OTT will start on September 18 at 7 pm.

Bigg Boss OTT winner will get Rs.

The winner of Bigg Boss OTT will get Rs 55 lakh this time. In every season of Bigg Boss, one is asked to do some task in the grand finale. This includes prize money.

Bigg Boss 15 entry

Contestants who will read Bigg Boss OTT will be able to participate in Bigg Boss 15. This season of Bigg Boss 15 will be hosted by Salman Khan. This contestant of Bigg Boss OTT will compete with the contestant who participated in Bigg Boss 15.

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