Big Brother’s Ninth Birthday; Regards Kunjaniyathi Reesu

It’s the ninth birthday of David Polly, the son of actor Nivin Polly. Rose Tresa has just arrived to wish Big Brother a happy birthday. As her daughter says on her Facebook page, she shares pictures and wishes. Nivin also shared a picture of David holding his sister. Nivin and Rinna have two children, David and Rose Tresa. As it is a lock down, this time the birthday celebration is not much.

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Nivin wishes Happy Birthday to my Big Brother. Many celebrities have taken to social media to wish Rizu a happy birthday. Greetings from Aju Varghese, Vinay Fort, Grace Antony, Krishna Shankar and Senthil Krishna Rajamani. This time, Nivin has confined his son’s birthday only to pictures and greetings as Kovid is locked down due to fear. Nivin also recently shared pictures for her daughter’s birthday. Nivin is all set to make several films this year, including ‘Port’, ‘Fight’ and ‘Kanakam Kamini Kalaham’.

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Nivin and Rinna were married in 2010. David was born in 2012 to both of them. In 2017, Rose Tresa was also born. Nivin has previously shared child baptism pictures and first birthday celebration pictures. Also Watch:

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