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Bigg Boss 15: Prateek breaks the glass of the door, Bigg Boss punishes the members

Mumbai: As expected in the 15th episode of Bigg Boss, the colors are increasing due to various incidents. In a recent show, Prateek Sahajpal acted as if his punishment was meted out to the entire forest dwellers. Seeing this, Vishal Kotian got furious and challenged Bigg Boss. Recently, during an argument with Jai Bhanushali, Prateek Sahajpal broke the household items. He slammed the glass door. So he was broken.

As a punishment, Bigg Boss made all the forest dwellers homeless for a whole week. Vishal Kotian was very upset after hearing this order of Bigg Boss. He looked at the camera and raised his hand. He didn’t mention anything. I don’t know if you will telecast it or not. When one of us raises our hand, make a wise decision.

So Umar Riaz also fired on Bigg Boss saying that he did the symbol of sabotage but punished those people. Umar later called Prateek a loser. It has to be seen how Salman Khan reacts to this symbolic act in the weekend attack.

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