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Bigg Boss house was first established by Bappa – Big Boss Oat House Eco Friendly Ganesh Statue made by Rakesh Bapat

Mumbai: At present, Ganpati festival is being celebrated with great enthusiasm in many states including Maharashtra. Similarly, Ganpati has been installed in Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss OTT Contestant Rakesh Bapat has made this idol of Lord Ganesha with his own hands. Every year Rakesh makes an idol of Lord Ganesha in his house. Rakesh has maintained this tradition even after coming to Bigg Boss house as a contestant. Rakesh has made an idol of Lord Ganesha, while other members of the house also welcomed Lord Ganesha with great enthusiasm by wearing traditional clothes.

Rakesh’s mother made an idol at his house
These days Rakesh is attending the house of Bigg Boss OTT. Therefore, at Rakesh’s house in Pune, his mother has also made an idol of Ganpati at home. Rakesh’s sister Sheetal told E-Times, “Like Rakesh, our mother is also a great artist. She has also made a small idol of Lord Ganesha in our house. In fact, three weeks ago my mother had a knee surgery. Was…’

We are proud of Rakesh
Sheetal further said in the interview that he is proud of his brother. He further said, ‘Rakesh is very much attached to Ganpati. Rakesh continued this tradition by going to Bigg Boss house, not only this, Ganpati has been installed in Bigg Boss house for the first time. I am so proud of him. We all miss him at home. Actually Ganpati festival is celebrated every year in our house. But due to Corona, Rakesh could not come to Pune. So now we are going to immerse Ganpati on Saturday itself…’

‘Ticket to Finale’ sign canceled

The grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ will happen soon. At the same time, the task of ‘Ticket to Finale’ was canceled. In such a situation, now no contestant will get a chance to go directly to the final. The reason for this is the symbol Sahajpal. During the task, Rakesh and Prateek started the semi-finals. At that time Muskaan Jattana declared Rakesh as the winner. So Prateek was upset and invalidated the decision. Then he removed the mic and went to the garden to capture the movement. Despite repeated requests from Bigg Boss, he did not come inside. That’s why the grand finale of this task did not happen. On this behavior of the symbol, Bigg Boss threw stones at him.

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