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Bigg Boss Marathi 3: BBM 3: Adish Vaidya got a special card as soon as he came home

MumbaiThe popular small screen program ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ is being discussed on social media. The game is getting colorful day by day. Recently a member of the house was eliminated and thrown out. There was a wild card entry in the house of a Marathi actor. Adish Vaidya is all set to add more color to the game of Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss has given Adish some special rights as soon as he enters the house. In order to exercise these rights, Adish would appoint some members of the household as guards.

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One of the new things this season is the temptation room. The members of the house are given many special rights in this room. Upon reaching home, Adish was given the right to use special items in the seduction room. Bigg Boss gave Adish the right to use the power card. Using this power card, Adish will decide who will do what in the house. However, the household members need to be employed to use this card. For this, three members of the family want to stay awake for six nights and guard the door.

Adish also wants to choose who these members will be. In the coming episodes, it will be known which three members will be appointed as guards by Adish to gain authority in the house. But, it seems that the family members did not like Adish’s coming to the house. With the arrival of Adish, the equation in the house will definitely change.

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