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Bigg Boss Marathi 3: BBM 3: In the task, Sneha scolds Avishkar saying, ‘How can one who is not yours be yours?’ – Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Sneha Wagh taunts her ex-husband Avishkar Darvekar

Mumbai: The third episode of Bigg Boss Marathi has started and one week has been completed. Now for the second consecutive week, Bigg Boss has asked the in-house contestants to do the ‘Halabol’ task. Two teams were formed for this task. Surekha, Sonali, Vishal, Vikas, Meenal, Avishkar and Shivleela are in a team. The second team consists of Meera, Sneha, Gayatri, Jai, Tripti, Dadu, Utkarsh and Akshay.

Despite being a huge vegetarian, Trupti Desai breaks eggs on her head

After being told the task by Bigg Boss, Surekha announces her decision to ride a motorcycle. Meenal and Vikas try to stop her but she sticks to her decision. Finally Surekha and Sonali got on the motor bike. Then the work started. The members of the rival team used various tactics to get him off the bike.

Not only soapy water, breaking eggs, throwing garbage on the body, Gayatri also gave the smoke of chilli. Finally Surekha decided to get off the bike. Then came development and the big motorbike. In today’s episode everyone is curious about how successful these two are in riding the bike.

Gayatri Datar preparing to drink black pepper to win the task

Members of both the teams will be seen using several funds to win this task given by Bigg Boss. In the ‘Attack Ball’ task, Vikas and Vishal are seen trying hard to get off the bike. During this task, Avishkar is seen giving patience to Vikas and Vishal sitting on the bike.

Avishkar tells them ‘I am ready to play, but now you want to play this game’. Saying this he encourages them. On this statement of invention, Sneha ridicules the invention. She says, ‘What if you don’t have it?’ In today’s episode, it has to be seen that what is the answer to this scolding of Sneha and whether there is an argument between the two or not.

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