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Bigg Boss Marathi 3: BBM 3: Who deserves another? Netkari furious over Vishal-Jay’s feud – Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Jai Dudhane and Vishal Nikam’s fight

MumbaiThe popular program of the small screen ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ is very much discussed on social media. Bigg Boss members are becoming increasingly aggressive. Playing a task is like having an argument in the Bigg Boss house. Jay Dudhane and Vishal Nikam got into a heated argument in the task played for the captaincy this week. Along with the fight, Jai and Vishal were seen using physical strength. Netizens have opposed this.

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During the task of painting the house ‘Dabba Gul’, Jai and Vishal wanted to protect the coaches of their group. But Jai and Vishal were seen using force. At the same time, Jai was seen arguing with Vishal. Jai tells Vishal, ‘You are not fit to talk to me. Your behavior is bad.’ Vishal says, ‘Learn to accept that you have lost.’ Jai then tells Utkarsh that if this fight had taken place outside the Bigg Boss house, he would have shaken Vishal. Users are furious over Vishal and Jai’s fight and are protesting against Jai’s behaviour. Not only this, some users are demanding to get Jai out of the house.

One user wrote, ‘Jai Dudhane is definitely a man, isn’t he? How violent he plays.’ Another user wrote, ‘Action should be taken against Jai. How does Bigg Boss work when Jai takes oath?’ So another user wrote, ‘Jai considers himself very great. I have never seen an angry and crying contestant like Jai. He is very proud of his body. He also talks to others through his body. Who is capable of making others capable?’ Users are supporting Vishal by making many such comments.

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