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Bigg Boss Marathi 3: BBM 3: ‘You are the most biased director’

Mumbai: ‘Bigg Bosschi Chavdi’ will be aired in today’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’. This week’s Chavadi depicts the tasks given to the contestants in the Bigg Boss house last week to see how they played and behaved. Last week, Mahesh Manjrekar gave a good speech to the captain of the house, Utkarsh Shinde. Not only this, his ears are pierced saying that he is the worst director in this house ever.

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Last week, Bigg Boss gave the task of playing ‘attack ball’ to the family members. Utkarsh, the captain of the house, was appointed the director of the task. This task was to be played in pairs and for this the members of the household were divided into two groups. Group A consists of Gayatri-Jai, Meera-Sneha, Dadu-Trupti and Utkarsh-Akshay. The B group consisted of Vishal-Vikas, Avishkar-Meenal-Shivalila and Surekha-Sonali. Aavyan was appointed as the director for the ‘Halla Bol’ task by Bigg Boss. But when the task was played, he decided to support his group. There was tremendous outrage on social media as well.

on the edge of prosperity

Today’s episode promo has been shared from the channel’s Instagram. In that promo, Manjrekar seems to have opened his ears to this partisan behavior of Utkarsh on Saturday. Manjrekar calls to Utkarsh, ‘Utkarsh, did you ever get into trouble when you went for a swim in the sea?’ Utkarsh tries to explain but Manjrekar stops them and says, ‘Throwing salt water was not wrong. If you don’t mind giving in to pepper smoke, why did you stop adding salt water? You are the most partial director…’

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Surekha Kudchi, are you here or there?

Manjrekar has also expressed displeasure over the behavior of the show’s contestant Surekha Kudchi. Although Surekha was in the B group, she often supported the A group. Manjrekar has also exposed him for his behaviour. He told her, ‘Surekha kudchi, tu ikdchi ki tikdchi’.

Apart from Surekha Kudchi and Utkarsh Shinde, viewers are also curious to know who else Manjrekar fed. Meanwhile, users have started commenting fiercely after the promo was shared on the channel’s Instagram handle.

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