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Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Episode 2 Live: Men have to reach out to female contestants for help

Mumbai: “It has just begun. There was a big rally in the Bigg Boss house on the first day. Viewers are also curious to see how 15 people of different backgrounds and temperaments live together under one roof. But, the debate started in the house from day one. Now the viewers are curious as to what will happen the next day.

  • Meera is happy with Santosh’s work
  • Vishal and Akshay come Nakinau to watch the rickshaw task.
  • Sonali dropped the rickshaw, Surekha alleges
  • Looking at the beginning of the task with a rickshaw, a huge and unbroken rickshaw
  • Fatigue and persistent fatigue will occur after weight loss
  • Male contestants attempt the task of ‘Chiu Tai Chiu Tai Dar Ughad’
  • In order to participate in the new task, the male contestants must spread their word in front of the female contestants.
  • Big Boss gave a new task
  • The second day began with a debate
  • Contestant’s day started with the song ‘Bhoor Bhur Bhur’
  • Big Boss will give a new task
  • Who are these 15 contestants?

Sonali Patil, Vishal Kadam, Sneha Wagh, Gayatri Datar, Vikas Patil, Surekha Kudchi, Utkarsh Shinde, Jai Dudhane, Meera Jagannath, Trupti Desai, Avishkar Darwekar, Shivleela Patil, Minal Shah, Santosh Chaudhary and Akshay Waghmare

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