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Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Episode 5 Live Updates Meera Jagannathan and Avishkar Darvekar Fight – Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Episode 5 Live Updates: Meera Lavanar’s Avishkari Wat? | Maharashtra Times

Mumbai: It has been just four days since the third episode of ‘Bigg Boss Marathi 3’ started but there is a lot of discussion about this house of Bigg Boss. The controversy that started from the first day can be seen on the fourth day as well. Every contestant who came to the Bigg Boss house has come to prove himself. So it seems that there is a fierce competition going on among the contestants in this house to increase their importance in this house and overall in this competition.

Vikas’s birthday celebration in Bigg Boss house

  • Jai and Meenal argue again

  • It is forbidden to discuss nomination in Bigg Boss house.

  • A quarrel between Meera and Avishkar over the cleanliness of the bedroom

  • What will happen to your spouse…beginning of the fifth day

  • Gayatri, Akshay, Meera, Vikas and Utkarsh discuss for nomination

  • Meera has the right to go to the seduction room

  • Utkarsh became the first captain of the third season of Bigg Boss

  • No team won the third round

  • Utkarsh’s team also won in the second round

  • Utkarsh’s group won the first round

  • Captaincy task begins

  • If you want to be a captain…

There will be a captaincy task between Meera and Utkarsh. In the game, Samridhi has chosen Vishal and Jai to play by his side. So Meera has chosen Akshay and Vikas. The task will be to play a game of dice in the garden in the Bigg Boss house.

  • Important week for male contestants

This is the first week of Bigg Boss Marathi 3. In such a situation, Bigg Boss has entrusted some responsibilities to every female contestant. He has two servants to carry out these responsibilities.

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