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Bigg Boss: Moose Jattana made Bhojpuri joke, Akshara Singh wept bitterly

Mumbai: On the first day of the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT, there was a heated argument between Divya Agarwal and Prateek Sahajpal on one side and Akshara Singh and Moose Jattana on the other. Later, the tussle between the two increased so much that Akshara Singh started crying bitterly and then Riddhima Pandit pacified her.

Akshara Singh asked Moose Jattana where is Milind Gaba and asked to call him. In response, Musa said something that made Akshara sad and she started crying after sharing the story with her family members. Akshara Singh told Neha Bhasin, Milind Gaba and other members that she would stay away from Moose as much as possible. He said, ‘When I asked Moses where Gaba was, he pointed to him and said he was here. He said it in a very bad way.

Akshara further said, ‘Yesterday also I was living far away from him. Because he commented from Bhojpuri. Which made me sad. He told me, ‘You don’t sing Bhojpuri songs like that…’ I don’t think so. I sing bhojpuri or something. This is my profession. My house runs on it.’

Moose arrives at the scene as Akshara and family start talking, and says that nothing happened and what happened was just a joke. But still Milind Gaba warns him and asks him to stay within limits. Moose tells her that nothing he said was sexual or offensive to anyone.

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