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Bigg Boss OTT: Bigg Boss OTT: Prateek-Zeshan fight, use of abusive language; Rakesh got angry with Bapat-Bigg Boss OT during Prateik and Zeeshan’s physical fight during the task.

Mumbai: There was a lot of confusion while doing a task in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. Confusion increased so much that there was a fierce fight between the contestants. Every task in Bigg Boss OTT so far has led to controversy, even personal criticism, among every member of the house. But recently the controversy over a task turned into a controversy. The Bigg Boss house was also damaged in the clashes.

What actually happened

Rival Prateek was the source of controversy in Bigg Boss OTT. Prateek got angry when he noticed that nothing is happening according to him in the task. Suddenly he approached Zeeshan and started throwing things. Both stood in front of each other. Then Zeeshan pushed the symbol. The matter progressed further and the matter turned into a dispute.

Shamita and Rakesh were upset with the competition

The task was directed by Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat. Instead of settling their feud, the duo kicks Moose and Nishant’s team out of the task. Then Moose, Nishant and Prateek got angry and started questioning both of them in anger.

Neha Bhasin and Milind Gaba also had a debate

At the same time, Neha Bhasin and Milind Gaba also had a fight during this task. During the task, Milind asked Neha to paint the blocks properly. This made Neha angry with Milind. After this he directly warned Milind not to go his way. He also asked her to speak properly.

Milind Gaba and Neha Bhasin are always arguing. Both have a special relationship. But Neha does not like Milind’s friendship with Akshara very much. She feels that Milind is not listening. Milind claims that he always supports Neha. He believes that competition and friendship should be kept separate. There is a rift going on between Neha and Milind now. But seeing the constant quarrels between them, it seems that this relationship will not last long. At the same time, the synergy between Neha and Prateek seems to be increasing. So Moose Jattana and Akshara have also got tensed.

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