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Bigg Boss OTT: Bigg Boss OTT Rakesh Bapat kissed so Shamita; Discussion on social media – bigg boss ott raqesh bapat de shamita shetty hand to morning kiss

Mumbai: After coming to the Bigg Boss house, the audience gets an idea of ​​the relationship between the contestants. It means ‘how strange is the relationship of every member of this house.’ It has been three weeks since Bigg Boss OTT started. The relationship between the members of this household has changed as before.

Prateek Sahajpal broke ties with Akshara Singh while Neha Bhasin broke ties with Milind Gaba. This was followed by Prateek and Neha and Akshara and Milind. Earlier, Zeeshan had also changed his relationship. While all these relationships are being exchanged, the one relationship that has remained with each other is that of Shamita Shetty and Rakeysh Bapat.

Shamita Shetty enters Bigg Boss OTT in the backdrop of Raj Kundra’s arrest in pornography case. The audience did not like his arrival at all. As a result, users trolled Shamita on social media and also trolled the producers. But Shamita did not pay heed to it and focused on her game. During this, Rakesh Bapat was also with him. There was a good bonding between the two and the bonding became stronger day by day. Not only this, they are also standing firmly behind each other. On the spot, Shamita fills Rakesh with love and anger. Even Rakesh has been seen listening to his words several times seriously.

Rakesh and Shamita’s closeness?

Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat have been playing together since the beginning. But while playing, the audience feels that they are emotionally close to each other. A few days back, Rakesh was seen flirting with Shamita. Viewers have speculated that this has created a special bond between the two.


kiss on shamita’s hand

Recently, a photo of Rakesh and Shamita together in Bigg Boss house went viral on social media. In this photo, Shamita is resting on her bed. In the morning, Rakesh kissed Shamita’s hand and said good morning to her. The photo and video of both went viral. After this, users started commenting on the friendship of both. This photo shows the intimacy that Rakesh feels about Shamita.

These questions asked on social media

Viewers have claimed that Shamita Shetty and Rakeysh Bapat have come closer. Ever since the two have been together, the audience has loved their pairing. So now this question is being asked on social media whether these two will get married in Bigg Boss house.


I feel close to Shamita

Recently the connection task was played in the Bigg Boss house. So the members of the Bigg Boss house were given a chance to change their connection. At that time Shamita gave her heart to Rakesh. Rakesh also accepted this and said that he feels close to Shamita.

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