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BJP will not lose Brahmin votes in next assembly elections: BSP chief Mayawati


Lucknow: Mayawati (Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP)) chief Mayawati said that the BJP government of Uttar Pradesh is diverting the attention of the people. Mayawati, who started campaigning for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections next year, is now on her way to woo the Brahmin community in Uttar Pradesh. Speaking today, Mayawati assured him that if our party comes to power next year, we will protect the interests of the Brahmin community. By doing this the traditional voters of BJP have voted for the Brahmin community.

Mayawati, who is said to start campaigning next week from Ayodhya, a predominantly Brahmin community, said, “I am sure no Brahmin will vote for the BJP in the next assembly election in Uttar Pradesh. will give.” “We are campaigning in Ayodhya on July 23 under the leadership of BSP general secretary SC Mishra to get more contact with the Brahmin community,” he said.
The BJP tried to make a big impact on the Dalit community on the basis of money. However, Dalits are loyal to our party. Mayawati said that even Brahmins should vote for BSP without the influence of BJP.

BJP and Congress are constantly trying to take Dalits in their arms. Money, people use it. Making false promises That’s why they use media to influence Dalits. But the community is committed to our party. In Uttar Pradesh, BJP always keeps diverting people’s attention. But the Brahmin community will not vote for BJP this time. I am sure our party will support us this time in 2007.

Mayawati made a similar statement in the wake of reports of Brahmin community becoming the cornerstone of the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh. He came to power in 2007 and largely fell in the votes of Dalits. The votes of Brahmins fell by only 11 per cent.

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Hope Brahmins won’t vote for BJP in next assembly polls: BSP chief Mayawati

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