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Blasting test by expert scientists in Baby Hill in front of all public representatives: Mines Minister Murugesh Nirani announced. KRS Dam near Baby Hill by expert scientists

Sumalata Ambareesh and Murugesh Nirani

BANGALORE: The KRS dam breach and illegal mining dispute, which has become a national jam, are slowly coming to a head. The Mandya MP met Minister of State Murugesh Nirani and discussed it. Talking to reporters after the visit, Mines Minister Murugesh Nirani alleged that illegal mining was taking place in Baby Hill. In February, I had a meeting of local leaders in Mandya. The report was sent to KRS on the same day. I have ordered that mining should not be done around 15 kms. But in the last 3 months there have been 38 mining operations without any mining. The authorities have investigated the matter. Yet lawmakers have accused him of illegal mining. We will look into this. We will continue to take steps to avoid any damage to the dam.

Blast checking has already been done. Explode in front of all the delegates and see what’s going to bother Dan. We will take the next decision after the blast report. Till then mining has not been allowed. Trial blasting test will be done soon. “We are going to test it and then we will take a decision soon,” he said after meeting with Sumalatha Ambareesh.

What did Sumalatha Ambareesh say after the Mines Minister’s visit?
In the first week the Mines Minister accompanied me to Kalalhalli in Srirangapatna. It was verified that illegal mining was taking place. MP Sumalatha Ambareesh said that the minister had issued a notification to the Mandya SP and mining authority after the inspection. I visited several illegal mining areas in Srirangapatna. I mentioned the common problems of the local people. There should not be any illegal activity in Baby Hills Mines area around KRS Dam. Don’t let this happen. There has been a loss of thousands of crores. Take strict action and pay royalty. I have requested that Mandya be used for development work. Announced what action to take and how to fix it in the next few days. Visit Baby Hill and observe. The minister said that I will be back in the next 14 or so days. I also go to Mandya. KRS is going. MP Sumalatha Ambareesh said that the meeting, which stood with Kovid, will happen once again.

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The officials apologized to KRS for putting an end to the controversy.

(KRS Dam near Baby Hill by expert scientists

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