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Bookmarks: Character Publications; ‘Our aim is to nurture the love of the book, the consciousness of the reader’

Bookmarks: Character Publications;  'Our aim is to nurture the love of the book, the consciousness of the reader'

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It is from the source of the tastes contained within us that our mind remains fresh in spite of all the chaos. We enthusiastically took out books that were not online as the shops were closed. But after a few months, we all became in the condition of bird legs and ‘let’s jump’. How can the mind be affected when we are in pain while weaving the environment around us? Book shops are slowly reaching a stage. Bookstores can be bought for the weekend, with booksellers and others waiting. On his return, Achan could come to the door and enjoy the moments to come.

Interactions with leading Kannada publishers take place every Friday TV9 Kannada Digital: Bookmark – Bookmark’ You will get through the series.


Awakened in the theatre, literature and cultural world K. V. subbana It has been 16 years since he was absent. Hegodi (Neelkantheshwar Natya Seva Sangh) was built by him. Ninasam & Character Publishing It still maintains its place in the Kannada cultural world through its practicality, contemporary response and unique ideas. In addition, the character publication has served 65 springs. The firm’s ambition, in this case, is to present, present and present on the current assignment K. V. Character He shared his point.


How did you change your publishing process due to Corona?
Like everyone else, coronavirus is not only accidental but also painful. The first step is to stop the work and not get distracted. But within a few weeks our mind wondered what can be done with such closed doors. As such, our plan to convert printed books into e-books has accelerated from April 2020; Till now 150 books have been completed. E-books worth Rs 1.5 lakh. It comes as a surprise to us that, while the income is not high compared to the effort made, it is a huge step in the direction of our times.

Has the context of lock down opened the way for new action plans?
This period and the new technology of digital printing allowed us to reprint our old books at a lower cost. We used the time of the second wave of lockdown to prepare for the reprint of about 30 old unavailable books. Since our publishing is not from an industry perspective and our publications are not hot, our offline and online revenue is always limited. It is our achievement that we are. Our stance on the future is simple. Do as much work as you can when the time comes; Live without harm as much as possible. Overall we will launch our own e-book production and marketing project in 2020. More than 150 e-books produced in an easy-to-read format on a variety of computers and tab-phones, and available for direct purchase on Google Play Books, Vividlip, Seasonale, MyLang e-book sites worldwide Huh. .

Bookmark Akshar Publications KV Subbana

K Gopalakrishnan receives Soviet Land Nehru Award for ‘Gorky Stories’ V Subbana

What materials and styles do you like to add to your eBook catalog?
Not only fiction, but also genres such as drama, poetry, essay. In addition, there are books on a variety of subjects, from ecology to ethno-political curiosities, from philosophy to poetry. K. V. About 30 of Subbanna’s first readings are intended for the first reader. Other books include books for both student and scholar, original Kannada works and translations. These books are a window to understand the potential and achievement of other fields of Kannada language, not just literature.

Charitra Prakashan has completed 65 years. Can you tell how it has retained its characteristic so far?
He has published a total of over fifty thousand pages of literature; One of the most prominent Kannada thinkers of this period has joined hands with this organization. The company, which has no intention of making financial profit, has been in loss for a long time; In recent years, it has started to acquire the corporate stamina that has stood its ground for so long without any particular loss. This publication was recognized by its publications when there was a ‘real’ wave in Kannada. From 1968 to 1978, Sakshi remained a center of literary curiosity.

By the 1970s, when the organization had grown into an extended organization, it needed to be transformed into a quasi-public organization. As a result, in 1975, Character Publishing was registered as a private trust. To date, over 800 works have been published (including reprints). By 2021, around 160 publications will be available for sale and the remaining works will be at full cost.

Bookmark KV Akshara Subbanna Vaidehi

Veteran poet and story writer Vaidehi at the release of his book ‘Tree Niba Vandi’

A large number of other publishers are usually hesitant to publish. The publishing industry has been publishing various booklets with cultural background from time to time. Through all these months and successive releases, there has been a cultural dialogue within its bounds. All these publications are being realized by a ‘publication policy’ that is constantly responding to the needs of the world without setting fixed time limits.

Did the government provide special assistance to the public through bulk purchases?
In no case has the publication received outside direct funding. Although only a few books (eg, Environmental Status of India, Chantha Chintalay, Rangpurpanha) have been partially subsidized, their aid has been used to reduce the cost of the book concerned. As is well known in the world of Kannada publishing, publishing unpopular content in Kannada is a daunting task. This is due to the lack of an extensive network of bookstores. Nevertheless, the publishing business is run by a handful of book-loving booksellers. Apart from bookstores, there is no specific support for character publications from libraries or government bulk purchases. In fact, part of the wholesale business and library purchases in the publishing business as a whole. less than 10. In a few years, this hasn’t happened.

Bookmark Ninasam Akshara Publications KV Subbana

K. V. Subbanna and Ninasamy’s Shivarama Karantha Theater

As stated at the outset, the purpose of the publication is not to develop into a large scale profit making enterprise. The goal of the publication is to keep the book alive, but not to become a loss-making institution. In addition, the publisher expects improvements in book production and marketing systems.

For internet shop and e-books contact: character publication

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