boxer nithya covid 19: action director boxer nithya kovid dies of action – action director boxer nithya aka nithyanandham dies due to covid 19


  • The spark was also known as Nitya
  • He has acted in many Malayalam and Tamil films

Well known South Indian conflict director Nitya Master Kovid has died of an infection. The real name is Nityanandam. He started his film career as a disciple of celebrities including Mafia Shashi. He became an independent conflict director with the film Pramukhan. She has also acted in some movies in fight scenes.

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He was known as the action director of Boxer Nitya. The spark was later renamed Nitya. He has worked as an action director in several films in Malayalam and Tamil.

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Valiyangadi, in recent times, has been the action director in several films including Nattarang, Lucky Jokers, Dum, Gandhinagar Unniyarcha, Mattancherry, Four Of Friends and Josettan’s Hero.

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