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Chellam Saran of ‘The Family Man 2’ reacts to Mumbai Police’s ‘Woh’ meme, says…

Mumbai: The second season of the popular web series ‘The Family Man’ was released a few days ago. Which is still being discussed on social media. Like the first season, there was a buzz in the second season of this web series as well. But the most talked about role in this web series is that of ‘Chailam Sir’. Chellam Sir, who helped the hero of the web series Shrikant Tiwari from time to time in such a big mission, got everyone’s love. The role became so popular that even the Mumbai Police was making full use of it for public awareness. Now Chellam sir i.e. actor Uday Mahesh has responded to that funny tweet of Mumbai Police.

Actor Uday Mahesh, who plays Chellam Sir, says all this is possible only because of the art of social media. It has given him so much love for his role. After seeing the memes on social media, he realized how seriously people take his role. In a recent interview, he said, ‘I thank Mumbai Police. They are using a lot of memes made on me. After seeing the tweet of Mumbai Police, I realized how seriously people have taken my role. Because I never thought this role would be so popular.

Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police had made full use of Chellam Saran’s character by tweeting to send a message to the criminals. In which Mumbai Police tweeted that using drugs is a crime. The tweet from the police shows Chellam sir talking to a civilian. On this a person is asking him for chilli. Chellam sir replied in a strange manner, ‘Dial 100 for COD (Police on delivery).’ This tweet of Mumbai Police was highly appreciated by the users.

The first season of The Family Man was a super hit. So Uday Mahesh agreed to play the role of Chellam Sir in ‘The Family Man 2’. But at that time he had no idea that this role would be so popular. Uday Mahesh says, “If a producer can predict what the audience likes, every film can be a hit but it is not possible. We can only try and believe in our work. Everything else depends on the audience.

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