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Chinya’s father also in Cineworld… read things you didn’t know about Arnav Raje!

Suraj Khartmali

The serial ‘Yehu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandyala’ became popular among the audience in a very short span of time. The performance of the actors in this series is appreciated. Arnav Raje, who played the character of Chinya, was fond of acting since childhood. Since his father was also in this area, he got his acting skills from home.

‘My first teacher in acting is my father. The encouragement given by him is very valuable to me’, Arnav said. When he was in school, he was participating in plays and making actors out of them. He also started taking acting lessons by attending various drama training workshops. After the tenth class, Arnav started taking acting training from Devendra Pem.

He honed the art of acting by participating in various competitions from the Drama Department of Ruparel College. He later joined MCC College, Mulund for a course in Mass Media. While in this college, he acted in the play ‘Bhaag Dhanno Bhaag’. This one-act play has won over 25 awards in various nominated competitions. It was because of this one-act play that Arnav was asked to do the series.

Arnav’s each and every play was witnessed by Suvarna Rane, the creative producer of the series ‘Yehu Kashi Tashi Mi Nandyala’. Arnav was selected for the series on his advice. Many people call him that he is like a Chinese. But Arnav says that he is the exact opposite of the Chinese character. That’s why he has to work hard to become a Chinese character. He says that he got recognition as an actor because of the serial ‘Yeh Kashi…’. The Chinese character he is playing has reached home on the strength of his acting.

The encouragement of my family encouraged me to work in the field of acting. So I was able to prove myself in this field. All the credit for this goes to my family and the gurus from whom I have benefited in my life till date.
– Arnav Raje

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